Cerveza Stella Artois 1 L


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The Average price for Cerveza Stella Artois 1 L is :
92.2 ARS


Cerveza Stella Artois 1 L usually contains Tocineta argentina: lechuga, carne, cheddar, cebolla salteada, rodajas de tomate, tocino crocante, hojas de lechuga y salsa barbacoa. and is cooked using the below mentioned ingredients. Of course its exact list of ingredients varies for each restaurant.

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City : Ramos Mejia , PEDIDO GRATIS Nr. of Dishes : 82

Casi Perfecto

City : Ramos Mejia , PEDIDO GRATIS Nr. of Dishes : 225

La Pizzada Yerba Buena

City : Yerba Buena , Avenida Aconquija 1513 Nr. of Dishes : 96

Betos Carlos Paz

City : Karlos-Paz , Av. Libertad 254 Nr. of Dishes : 76


City : Ushuaia , Avenida San Martín 788 Nr. of Dishes : 123

Cala Villa Nueva

City : Benavídez , Blvd. Todos los Santos 100 Nr. of Dishes : 70

Almacén de Pizzas Ctro. Comercial Nordelta

City : Benavídez , Av. De Los Lagos 7010 Nr. of Dishes : 60

Che Papá Tandil

City : TDL , General Rodríguez 766 Nr. of Dishes : 75

Pizzería Cris Bel

City : Santa Fé , Fray Juan Manuel Pérez 612 Nr. of Dishes : 116

Punto Q Pizzas y Pastas

City : Santa Fé , Bv. Pellegrini 2615 Nr. of Dishes : 281


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